Edward started his editing career cutting commercials and music videos in London, where he worked on major ad campaigns for Guinness, Cadbury's, Fifa and Channel 4. Simultaneously, he was a sought after music video editor, cutting promos for artists across genres, from Nick Cave and Ed Sheeran to Usher and Justin Beiber. 

Through his varied career, Edward has identified a niche for comedic, suspenseful and musical editing that has seen him work with prolific directors including Craig Gillespie, F. Gary Gray, Lucy Tcherniak and Traktor. He has also worked on socially committed advertising campaigns for Ancestry (illuminating America's diverse ancestral history), Sephora (celebrating transgender and non-binary communities) and Color Of Change (2020 US election films). 

Edward is also an adept narrative editor, who's short films that have been selected and awarded at Tribeca, Sundance and Aesthetica film festivals. Most notably, he edited multi-festival winning short Wale that went on to be shortlisted at the Academy Awards and nominated for a BAFTA. 

Edward loves to work in person, but also happy to remotely from his home in Los Angeles. He also has access to spacious editorial studios in Los Angeles, New York and London.